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Primary Care Workgroup


During the 2022 legislative session, Senate Bill 734, Maryland Health Care Commission – Primary Care Report and Workgroup (Workgroup) passed. Senate Bill 734 requires the Maryland Health Care Commission to convene a Workgroup of select stakeholders and annually report on ways to improve quality and access to primary care services, with special attention to increasing health care equity, reducing health care disparities, and avoiding increased costs to patients and the health care system.  

The Workgroup’s scope of work is broad and encompasses analyzing primary care spending, developing plans to improve quality and access to primary care, identifying strategies to reduce barriers to primary care, and identifying approaches to increase the primary care workforce. In 2023, the Workgroup will develop a plan for the annual analysis and drafting the report, which is due to the Governor and General Assembly by December 1, 2023. Annual reporting begins December 2024.


A list of Workgroup members is available here.


Meeting Materials

November 10, 2022:  RecordingAgenda, Meeting SummaryOverview of Workgroup Activities Presentation, Similar State-Based Initiatives Presentation, Total Cost of Care Presentation, Primary Care Initiatives Presentation, and Workforce Presentation


Senate Bill 734, Maryland Health Care Commission – Primary Care Report and Workgroup  

Details the key provisions of the law. 

Freedman HealthCare, LLC Presentation - Increasing Primary Care Investment and Orientation: Experiences from Other States (2022)

Highlights experiences from other states working to increase primary care investment and orientation.

Measuring Non-Claims-Based Primary Care Spending (2021)

This brief proposes a standard definition and measurement methodology to quantify total investment in primary care and enable comparisons of spending across states and within a state by region, payer, and health care system.

Implementing High-Quality Primary Care: Rebuilding the Foundation of Health Care (2021)

This report provides an evidence-based plan with actionable objectives and recommendations for implementing high-quality primary care in the United States.


For more information or questions about the Workgroup, please contact:
Melanie Cavaliere, Division Chief for Innovative Care Delivery
Center for Health Information Technology & Innovative Care Delivery
Phone: 410.764.3282
Fax: 410.358.1236

Last Updated: 11/21/2022