Health Data and Quality

The Maryland Health Care Commission (MHCC) is responsible for collecting, maintaining, releasing, and reporting on a variety of health care data to inform decision-making by policy makers, payors, providers, and consumers.  MHCC collects data directly from health care facilities and insurance companies, and requests and maintains data from quality reporting organizations, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, and Maryland and Washington DC Hospitals.  These data are used to support a variety of policy and legislative reports, evaluations of demonstration programs, and quality reporting initiatives.  Much of this data is available for public release, some of which requires review by an IRB.

A core function of the MHCC is to develop and maintain the Medical Care Data Base (MCDB).  Detailed information regarding the regulations, submission process, and release of this data may be found by following links on the left panel.  The MCDB supports estimates of cost and utilization, policy analyses, and evaluations of demonstration programs, and is a decision support tool for State partners, such as the Maryland Insurance Administration and the Health Services Cost Review Commission.  The MCDB is part of MHCC's All-Payer Claims Data Base (APCD).

If you have questions about health care data collected and maintained by the MHCC, or would like to apply for data, please send an email to

Last Updated: 4/18/2019