Policy and Legislative Reports

The Commission is required to report to the Governor and the General Assembly annually on health care costs, insurance coverage, and the status of the Trauma Fund. The General Assembly often requests one time or short term reports from the Commission. All reports are listed by subject matter.

Reports Submitted in 2024

Final Report of the Commission to Study Trauma Funding In Maryland (January 2024)

Criteria for Distribution of $9.5 Million to Trauma Centers as required by HB 200 (Ch. 101) Budget Bill (Fiscal Year 2024) (February 2024)

Annual Report to the Governor FY 2023

Nursing Home Acquisitions and Licensures Recommendations Report (January 2024)

Small Assisted Living Programs Study Recommendations Report (January 2024) 

Maryland Elimination of Labor and Delivery Cost Sharing Analysis Report (December 2023)

Maryland Commercial Fully-Insured Market Alternative Payment Model Arrangements (December 2023) 

Maryland Trauma Physician Services Fund (December 2023) 

Reports Submitted in 2023

Required Coverage and Reimbursement of Annual Behavioral Health Wellness Visits Report (December 2023)

Maryland Senate Bill 75 – Alopecia Areata Analysis – Coverage Requirements Report (December 2023)

Diagnostic and Supplemental Examinations for Breast Cancer - Cost-Sharing Report (December 2023)

Chapter 297 | Senate Bill 154 (2023) Public Health – Mental Health Advance Directives – Awareness and Statewide Database:  An Update of Activities Report (November 2023)

HB 378 (2022) Palliative Care Services in Maryland:  Final Report to the Legislature (November 2023)

Primary Care Investment Analysis and Reporting Plan Report (October 2023)

Registered Cardiovascular Invasive Specialists and Radiation Injuries in Maryland Hospitals' Cardiac Catheterization Laboratories Report (October 2023)

SB0786/CH0248, HB 812/CH0249 – Health - Reproductive Health Services - Protected Information and Insurance Requirements (October 2023)

Interstate Telehealth Expansion Study Report (September 2023)

Spotlight:  Electronic Advance Directives (August 2023) 

2021 and 2022 Legislation - CRISP Funding Update - Briefing Paper Report (July 2023) 

Health Data Utility Framework - A Guide to Implementation (March 2023) 

Required Coverage of Home Test Kits for Sexually Transmitted Diseases (January 2023) 

MHCC Strategic Priorities Report (2023-2026)

Annual Report to the Governor FY 2022

Reports Submitted in 2022

Senate Bill 700 – Preventing Workplace Violence in Health Care Settings Public Awareness Campaign - Report to the Legislature (December 2022) 

Advancing Implementation of Health Data Utility Models:  Issue Brief (December 2022) 

Financial Restrictions on Access to Organ Transplants Report (December 2022)

Maryland Trauma Physician Services Fund - Health General Article Article § 19–130 - Report to the Maryland General Assembly (December 2022) 

Preserve Telehealth Act of 2021 - Telehealth Recommendations Final Report (December 2022)

Evaluation of Proposed Legislative Revisions to House Bill 142:  Coverage of In Vitro Fertilization Report (November 2022)

Health Insurance Cost Sharing - Physical Therapy Parity with Primary Care Services  - House Bill 974 and Senate Bill 725 Report (November 2022)

Preserve Telehealth Act of 2021 - Technical Report of the Maryland Telehealth Study (October 2022) 

Advance Directives Workgroup Report (January 2022)

Annual Report to the Governor FY 2021 

Reports Submitted in 2021

HB 309/SB 565 - Health Disparities Legislative Report (December 2021) 

Public Health - State Designated Exchange - Clinical Information Briefing Paper Report (December 2021) 

Telehealth Policy Workgroup (February 2021)

Annual Report to the Governor FY 2020

Reports Submitted in 2020

Payment for Professional Services in Maryland (In-Network services only) (2020) 

Rural Health Care Delivery in Maryland:

Spending & Use Among Maryland's Privately Insured Report (2020)

Annual Report to the Governor FY 2019 

Reports Submitted in 2019

Actuarial Consulting on Proposed Mandated Health Insurance Services: EMS Treat and Release Programs, EMS Alternative Destination Programs, and EMS Mobile Integrated Health Programs Report (December 2019)

Study of Mandated Health Insurance Services as Required Under Insurance Article § 15–1502 (November 2019)

Study of Mortality Rates of African American Infants and Infants in Rural Areas Report (November 2019)

School-Based Telehealth Final Report (October 2019)

House Bill 115 Electronic Prescription Records System (July 2019)

Report on Review of the Chapter of the State Health Plan on Psychiatric Services; Emergency Medical Services (May 2019)

Senate Bill 896 Health Record and Payment Integration Program Advisory Committee (May 2019) 

Coverage and Reimbursement for Emergency Medical Services Care Delivery Models and Uncompensated Services: Reports required under Senate Bill 682 (January 2019) 

Annual Report to the Governor FY 2018

Reports Submitted in 2018

Modernization of the Maryland Certificate of Need Program:  Final Report (December 2018)

Modernization of the Maryland Certificate of Need Program Interim Reports:

Spending and Use Among Maryland’s Privately Fully-Insured 2016 (May 2018)  

Annual Report to the Governor FY 2017

Reports Submitted in 2017 

Annual Mandate Report- Coverage for Lymphedema Diagnosis, Evaluation and Treatment (December 2016)

Annual Mandate Report - Coverage for Fertility Preservation for Iatrogenic Infertility (November 2017)

Annual Mandate Report- Coverage for Digital Tomosynthesis (December 2016)  

Report of the Workgroup on Rural Health Delivery (August 2016)

Annual Grant Report- FY 2016

Last Updated: 5/10/2024