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Telehealth Policy Workgroup

The MHCC convened a Telehealth Policy Workgroup (workgroup) representing a variety of stakeholder perspectives and interests.  Workgroup discussions centered on six changes in telehealth policy implemented in response to the COVID-19 public health emergency.  A report overviews the evolving telehealth landscape in Maryland and the nation, and leading observations from the workgroup.

Report (February 2021)  

Workgroup Meetings

January 7, 2021:  Meeting Materials, Summary, Recording

December 15, 2020:  Meeting Materials, Summary, Recording

November 12, 2020:  Meeting Materials, Summary, Recording

October 21, 2020:  Meeting Materials, Summary, Recording

September 30, 2020:  Meeting Materials, Summary, Recording

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Telehealth Policy Workgroup - Maryland Hospital Association Update (09/16/20)

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