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Interstate Telehealth Workgroup

The MHCC will complete an interstate telehealth study (study) and develop recommendations for expanding interstate telehealth, which may include proposed policy or legislation. The study is being conducted at the request of the Maryland House Health and Government Operations Committee (HGO Committee) and is informed in part by questions presented in House Bill 670, Maryland Health Care Commission – Study on Expansion of Interstate Telehealth (2022). The bill sponsors elected to withdraw the bill and requested MHCC to complete a study.  Westat was competitively selected in June 2022 to complete the study in response to MHCC’s Request for Proposals. A final report detailing study findings, recommendations, and supporting rationale is due to the HGO Committee by December 1, 2023.

Beginning January 2023, MHCC will convene an Interstate Telehealth Workgroup (workgroup) composed of stakeholders that may be affected by or have an effect on expanded interstate telehealth practice. The purpose of the workgroup is to discuss challenges and identify approaches that improve Marylanders' access to telehealth services from out-of-state practitioners while ensuring protections for patients and an adequate supply of Maryland practitioners. At the request of the HGO Committee, the workgroup will deliberate on the following questions to inform development of specific recommendations:

  1. How to address the health insurance coverage and medical liability issues associated with the use of out-of-state practitioners through telehealth?
  2. Are interstate health compacts sufficient for expanding the use of interstate telehealth?
  3. Whether Maryland should alter its licensure practitioner requirements to further the availability of telehealth services while continuing to protect patients and, if so, how?
  4. What impact will promoting out-of-state telehealth have on Maryland practitioners?
  5. Other policy issues that the workgroup considers relevant to expanding access to telehealth services.

The workgorup participant list is located here

Workgroup Meetings:

April 3, 2023:  RecordingMeeting SummaryPresentation 

March 3, 2023:  Recording, Meeting SummaryDiscussion Items, and Presentation

January 30, 2023:  Recording, Meeting Summary, and Presentation

Kelly Scott, Program Manager
Center of Health Information Technology & Innovative Care Delivery
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