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Interstate Telehealth Workgroup

The MHCC completed an interstate telehealth expansion study (study) at the request of the Maryland House Health and Government Operations Committee (HGO Committee). The study scope was informed by House Bill 670, Maryland Health Care Commission – Study on Expansion of Interstate Telehealth, which bill sponsors elected to withdraw during the 2022 session of the General Assembly. A multi-stakeholder workgroup (convened January – April 2023) discussed barriers and opportunities with expanding the delivery of telehealth services across state lines. The workgroup consisted of representatives from Maryland health occupation boards, providers, payers, health care consumers, professional health care associations, liability insurance carriers, and select State agencies.

Study findings from the workgroup and a literature review guided the development of nine recommendations and four notable considerations included in the report. The report is intended to guide the first steps for expanding interstate telehealth and is not an exhaustive list of all things to be considered.  

Report (September 2023)

Workgroup Participants 

Workgroup Meetings:

April 3, 2023:  RecordingMeeting SummaryPresentation 

March 3, 2023:  Recording, Meeting SummaryDiscussion Items, and Presentation

January 30, 2023:  Recording, Meeting Summary, and Presentation

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