Health Care Facility Services   CON  

Essentials of the CON Process

Overview of the Maryland CON Program

COMAR 10.24.01: Certificate of Need Regulations

Determination of Coverage

Cost Increases Requiring Commission Approval (updated May 2024) 

Applying for a CON

Schedule of Certificate of Need Reviews (published in the Maryland Register 12/1/23) 

"In regards to LOI's for Comprehensive Care Services please contact Jeanne-Marie Gawel at for guidance on how to calculate the analysis of the CMS star ratings."

Applying for a Certificate of Conformance 

Schedule for Certificate of Conformance Reviews (published in the Maryland Register  (10/6/23) 

Schedule for Certificate of Ongoing Performance Reviews PCI (published in the Maryland Register 3/8/24)

Applying for a Certificate of Ongoing Performance  

Schedule of Certificate of Ongoing Performance Review Cardiac Surgery (6/2/23) 

Schedule of Certificate of Ongoing Performance Review PCI Services (3/8/24)

Application Forms 

CON Application Forms 

Status of CON Applications and Other Actions

Active CON Applications

Completed CON Application Reviews

           Request for Prjoject Change to Approved Certificates of Need

Emergency CONs in effect until 4/30/23 

Merger/Consolidation, Exemption and Other Requests

Completed Merger/Consolidation, Exemption and Other Requests 

Recent Notice of Hospital Changes of Ownership

Recent PCI Applications

Staff Reports, Recommended Decisions, and Related Documents

Monthly CON Status Reports

Special Areas of Interest

Bed Capacity Changes Deregulated

Last Updated: 7/11/2024