Health Care Facility Services   CON    Merger/Consolidation, Exemption and Other Requests


1.      UM-Shore Dorchester/UM-Shore Chestertown - 19-14-EX012

2.    Bon Secours of Baltimore/LifeBridge Health - 19-24-EX011

3.      Exemption Request from CON Review:  Conversion of Edward W. McCready Memorial Hospital to a FreeStanding Medical Facility - 19-19-EX010

4.      Merger and Consolidation UM Shore at Easton and UM Shore Dorchester  18-20-EX007

5.  UM Shore Medical Center: Conversion of Dorchester to Freestanding Medical Facility - 18-09-EX006

6.  Exemption from CON:  Adventist HealthCare: Shady Grove Medical Center and Washington Adventist Hospital - Merger/Consolidation and Relocation of beds used for Psychiatric Service (6/28/18) - 18-15-EX005

7.  Notice of Partial Hospital Closure - Western Maryland Health Regional Medical Center:  Inpatient Pediatric Unit

8.  Exemption from CON:  Laurel Regional Hosiptal Conversoin to Freestanding Medical Facility (4/13/18)- 18-16-EX002

10.  Revised Exemption Request:  Adventist HealthCare - Shady Grove Medical Center and Adventist HealthCare Behavioral Health & Wellness-Rockville (5/4/1

11.  Exemption from CON: Harford Memorial Hospital Conversion to Freestanding Medical Facility - D.N. 17-12-EX004

MHCC Summary of Issues of Concern (7/10/19) 

Upper Chesapeake's Response to Issues of Concern (9/13/19) 

12.  Merger/Consolidation: Upper Chesapeake Medical Center and Haford Memorial Hospital - D.N. 17-12-ECX003

MODIFIED:  Merger/Consolidation: Upper Chesapeake Medical Center at Harford Memorial Hospital (11/21/18) - D.N. 17-12-EX003

MHCC Summary of Issues of Concern (7/10/19)

Upper Chesapeake's Response to Issues of Concern (9/13/19) 



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