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10.24.16: Home Health Agency Services

Utilization Tables

Listing of All Home Health Utilization Tables and Technical Notes

The same tables are generated annually.  For Fiscal Year 2018 we provided technical notes to replace footnotes and will continue to do so each year.  To download any table from any year and the technical notes, please click on the link below and select Home Health from the drop down list and provide a small amount of information about your needs and you will then be directed to all available Home Health data downloads.  

Home Health Utilization Tables and Agency Data Collection  (PUBLIC USE DATA)

Opportunities to Establish New Home Health Agencies and to Expand the Authorized Service Area of Existing Home Health Agencies

 "At this time, there is no scheduled CON review for HHA applicants.  Please check the MHCC website for further updates. (CON Schedule)

MARYLAND HEALTH CARE COMMISSION Notice of Acquisition / Transfer of Ownership Interest of a Home Health Agency

Last Updated: 8/24/2020