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10.24.16: Home Health Agency Services

Utilization Tables

Listing of All Home Health Utilization Tables and Technical Notes

The same tables are generated annually.  For Fiscal Year 2018 we provided technical notes to replace footnotes and will continue to do so each year.  To download any table from any year and the technical notes, please click on the link below and select Home Health from the drop down list and provide a small amount of information about your needs and you will then be directed to all available Home Health data downloads.  

Home Health Utilization Tables and Agency Data Collection  (PUBLIC USE DATA)

Guidelines 2022 Home Health Agency Certificate of Need Review 

MARYLAND HEALTH CARE COMMISSION Notice of Acquisition / Transfer of Ownership Interest of a Home Health Agency

Starting a Home Care Business in Maryland

In Maryland, there are different license classifications for different types of home care businesses. The types of services and clients proposed to be served will dictate the type of home care license you would need to seek for your home care business.

The Maryland Health Care Commission (MHCC) has regulatory authority through its Certificate of Need (CON) program for only one type of home care license, the Home Health Agency (HHA) license.  If one is interested in providing intermittent skilled nursing services, home health aides, and therapies (physical, occupational and speech/hearing therapies), then the HHA license and applicable state licensing regulations (found under COMAR 10.07.10) must be met.  CON approval is required before seeking an HHA license. (Refer to the MHCC website regarding its CON review process and regulations, as well as link to the HHA Chapter of the State Health Plan.)

Another type of home care business, offering no more than two types of home care services, is the Residential Services Agency (RSA) license, with state licensing requirements found under COMAR 10.07.05. MHCC has no regulatory authority for the RSA license, meaning that a CON is not required prior to seeking an RSA license.

For a better understanding of the differences/similarities between the HHA and RSA licenses, please refer to the "RSA Fact Sheet" to help guide your decision for seeking an HHA or RSA license. 

Request for Public Comments

Comments Received

Public Notice:  Expanding Opportunities for Delivery of Quality Home Health Agency Services in Maryland

MHCC received comments on the Public Notice: Expanding Opportunities for Delivery of Quality Home Health Agency Services in Maryland from two organizations: (1) Maryland National Capital Homecare Association (MNCHA) and (2) Lorien Health Services (Lorien)

Summary and Analysis of Comments on Public Notice

Maryland National Capital Homecare Association (MNCHA)

Lorien Health Services (Lorien)

Seeking Comments Due by August 20, 2021

Public Notice: Expanding Opportunities for Delivery of Quality Home Health Agency Services in Maryland

The Home Health Agency (HHA) Chapter of the State Health Plan (COMAR 10.24.16) regulates the development and expansion of HHA services based on the determination by the Maryland Health Care Commission (MHCC) that consumers need a choice of high quality HHA providers. MHCC staff’s recommendations for performance-related qualifications by HHA CON applicant type are proposed in the public notice.

The purpose of this notice is to seek comments on the draft quality measures and performance requirements by the various HHA CON applicant types, which include: home health agencies, residential service agencies (RSAs), hospitals, and nursing homes. As required under COMAR, this public notice will be posted for a 30-day public comment period, ending Friday, August 20, 2021. After consideration of the comments, MHCC staff’s recommendations for final performance-related qualifications will be considered by the Commission at a public meeting. 

Last Updated: 12/4/2023