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Noncontrolled Prescription Drugs Technical Workgroup

The Maryland Heath Care Commission (MHCC) will convene a Noncontrolled Prescription Drug Technical Workgroup (workgroup).  Feedback received from the workgroup will inform the implementation of Chapter 296 (House Bill 1127),  Public Health – State Designated Exchange – Health Data Utility (2022 session).  The workgroup will discuss technical process for reporting noncontrolled prescription drug information to the State Designated Health Information Exchange.

The workgroup participants list is located here

Workgroup Meetings:

January 30, 2023: 

January 23, 2023: Recording 1Recording 2, Meeting Summaries, and Presentation

January 13, 2023:  Recording, Meeting Summary, and Presentation

December 12, 2022: RecordingMeeting Summary, and Presentation

October 3, 2022:  Recording, Meeting Summary , and Presentation


Anna Gribble, Program Manager
Center of Health Information Technology & Innovative Care Delivery
Phone:  410-764-3379

Last Updated: 1/30/2023