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Privacy & Security

Cyber Liability Insurance:  Tips for Small Practices

Cybersecurity Preparedness - Self-Assessment Questionnaire

Data Privacy When Using Wearable Health and Fitness Devices - What Consmers Need to Know 

Key HITECH Changes to HIPAA

Patient Generated Health Data – A Closer Look at Privacy and Security Risks, the Current State of Health Care Cybersecurity, and State-Level Protections

People:  The Frontline of Cybersecurty – 3 Good Habits for Small Practices

Reducing Cybersecurity Risk

Safeguarding Privacy and Security in Telehealth: Tips to Keep Your Practice Safe

Understanding Consumer Privacy in Virtual Care 

Wearable Technology and HIPAA:  What Providers Need to Know 



Identifying a Telehealth Solution that Works for Your Practice

Incorporating Telehealth in Home Health Care: Practical Strategies and Applications

Remote Patient Monitoring - Value for Patients and Applications During a Public Health Emergency 

Telehealth and Electronic Health Record Integration

Understanding the Value of Remote Patient Monitoring 

Using Peripherals in Telehealth Practice

Payer Policies & Liability

Medical Professional Liability Insurance – Key Considerations for Telehealth

Payer Remote Patient Monitoring Policies – A Reference Guide for Ambulatory Practices

Payer Telehealth Policies – A Reference Guide for Ambulatory Practices

Virtual Care Delivery

Engaging Patients Using Telehealth

Improving Access to and Use of Telehealth:  What Behavioral Health Providers Need to Know

Making the Virtual Visit a Success – Provider Tips for Telehealth

Telehealth and COVID-19: What Providers Need to Know

Telehealth After the Pandemic:  Considerations for Sustainable Telehealth Workflows

Assessments & Guides

Preparing for Teledentistry – A Guide for Dental Practices

Telehealth Readiness Assessment Tool

Download a PDF version here. More information available in this user guide. Provide feedback by completing this user survey

Telehealth Technology Vendor Portfolio

Consumer Information

Advance Directives

Electronic Advance Directives Information Sheet - Options 1*

Electronic Advance Directives Information Sheet - Options 2* 

*Note:  Options 1 and 2 of the Electronic Advance Directives Information Sheet contain the same content; the only difference is how they are formatted. 


10 Things to Know About Telehealth

Connecting with a Health Care Provider over the Phone 

Data Privacy When Using Wearable Health and Fitness Devices – What Consumers Need to Know

Frequently Asked Questions by Consumers about Virtual Visits 

Is Online Care Right for Me? 

Telehealth:  What it is, How it Works, and Getting Started

Understanding Coverage and Out-of-Pocket Cost for Virtual Care

Understanding Telehealth: A Resource Guide for Consumers

Virtual Care On-Demand:  A Consumer Guide to Online Telehealth Companies 


Dental Health Information Technology Initiative

Management Service Organizations (MSOs)

Communication with Primary Care Providers after Patient Encounters at an Urgent Care Center

Last Updated: 7/28/2023