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The Maryland All-Payer Model, launched in 2014, established and achieved goals for transforming hospital care across the State. In 2018, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) approved the Total Cost of Care (TCOC) Model that expands on the All-Payer Model. The TCOC Model priorities include enabling access to quality health care, addressing the health and wellness needs of the senior population, reducing unnecessary emergency department and hospital utilization, fighting the opioid epidemic, and improving population health1.

The Maryland Primary Care Program (MDPCP) is a key initiative under the TCOC Model. It is a voluntary program for primary care providers that supports the overall health care transformation process and allows primary care providers to play an increased role in prevention, management of chronic disease, and preventing unnecessary hospital utilization. The MDPCP integrates care management into primary care and specialty provider practices to advance primary care throughout the State.

1. Maryland’s Total Cost of Care. Available at:

Advisory Council

In January 2019, the Secretary of the Maryland Department of Health (Secretary) requested that an Advisory Council (Council) be established to provide input on MDPCP operations.

Key responsibilities of the Council include:

  • Making recommendations for inclusion in the State's annual report to CMS on MDPCP; 
  • Considering MDPCP operational improvements, including suggested modifications to care delivery requirements;
  • Gathering data from MDPCP providers and beneficiaries to support issue research; and 
  • Requesting other agencies within the Maryland Department of Health to examine specific issues. 

The MHCC convenes the Council quarterly or as needed, based on MDPCP policy priorities. Recommendations for Council membership are made by MHCC in consultation with the MDPCP Program Management Office (PMO) and approved by the Secretary. The Council has a total of 21 seats. A list of Council members is available here.


Contact: with questions. 

All posted meeting materials should be considered as draft until the Council meeting is held.

Meeting Materials:


  April 3, 2024:   RecordingMeeting SummaryPMO Presentation
EQIP PC Subgroup Meeting Presentation EQIP PC Subgroup Meeting Link
Health Affairs: PC Higher Rates of Emergency Surgery;
Health Affairs: PC Physicians Medicare Advantage 
Considerations for Statewide Advanced PC Programs
Milbank 2024 Scorecard Report; Milbank 2024 Scorecard Appendix


  March 28, 2023:   RecordingMeeting SummaryPMO Presentation, MHCC Presentation, 
MDPCP Dashboard Report, Journal of General Internal Medicine, JAMA, and 
Health Affairs
  January 10, 2023: Recording, Meeting SummaryPMO PresentationHealth Affairs, JAMA, and 


   September 13, 2022:   Recording, Meeting Summary, MHCC Presentation,
Freedman HealthCare PresentationPMO Presentation, HSCRC Presentation  
   January 11, 2022:   Recording, Meeting Summary and PMO Presentation  


Evaluation of the Maryland Total Cost of Care Model:  Progress Report for the Model's First Four Years:

An evaluation of the first four years of the TCOC Model implementation including the Hospital Payment Program, Care Redesign Program, and MDPCP 

MDPCP 2021 Annual Report

Results including accomplishments and outcomes for the program's third year

MDPCP 2020 Annual Report 

Findings on the second program year and progress towards primary care transformation 

MDPCP 2019 Annual Report

Details program growth, accomplishments, and outcomes in the first year 

MDPCP Advisory Council Subgroup Recommendations - Innovative Practice Alternatives and Practice Reporting

Recommendations from two subgroups of the MDPCP Advisory Council (the Innovative Practice Alternatives Subgroup and Practice Reporting Subgroup) intended to inform MDPCP enhancement considerations 

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