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Annual Home Health Survey

The Maryland Health Care Commission (MHCC) releases the annual Maryland Home Health Agency Survey during the first quarter of each year. The survey collection period runs for 60 days. The reporting requirements of the Maryland Home Health Agency Survey are specified in the Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR Under those regulations, providers are required to submit accurate, timely, and complete data needed by the Commission to support planning for long term care services. This data is used to update the MHCC Quality Reporting Website, develop the State Health Plan, determine the need for additional capacity, and assess the financial health and performance of the industry. To comply with Maryland law, facilities must have their survey accepted by the specified due date.

Fiscal Year 2022 End Date       Survey Start Date         Survey Due Date
The survey collection period.
March 31, 2022 February 27, 2024 April 26, 2024 
May 31, 2022 February 27, 2024 April 26, 2024  
June 30, 2022 February 27, 2024 April 26, 2024  
September 30, 2022 February 27, 2024 April 26, 2024  
December 31, 2022 February 27, 2024 April 26, 2024  

latest update  

The Survey Notice letter was sent by email ( on Wednesday, Febraury 14th, 2024 to the official email address on file. 

Click on this link to access your Survey:  Home Health 2022 Survey

For questions or concerns about the Long Term Care Survey, please contact


All correspondence will be sent by email.

Note 1: TO ACESS YOUR SURVEY FOR THE FIRST TIME: You must first activate your survey.  You only need to activate your survey once

To Activate your survey you may go directly to the Survey Log On Page and enter your logon ID and Password and click on logon. Complete the facility information page and click on verify information and submit.  You will receive a receipt that your survey has been activated.

Note 2: For clarification of survey questions click on the link “Click for HELP” on the Survey Screen to find definitions of the survey questions or click on the link below


Important – Please read carefully: If you have any questions, need clarification, or require assistance after using the technical “Help” feature and reading the general Questions and Answers available in the Survey application within the Survey Application.


All communications on the status of your survey will be via email. It is therefore important that you provide MHCC with the correct email address in the field “Official Email Address” It should be The Email Address of the Facility Administrator or the person responsible for answering questions pertaining to the survey.


It is your responsibility to ensure that your survey has been accepted. Therefore, you must log on to your survey within 24 hours of submitting your survey to find out the status of your survey. If your Survey is rejected, you must resubmit your corrected Survey within 24 hours for review. Courtesy Rejection

Survey Data can be accessed by the Public: Public Use Data Files

Last Updated: 2/21/2024