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On this page users will find: 

  • Each chapter of the State Health Plan currently in effect. These chapters contain descriptions of relevant issues and policies, need and utilization forecasting methodologies, and Certificate of Need (CON) project review standards that CON applicants will need to address. Need and utilization projections are also posted with the relevant chapters.
  • Proposed regulations and draft State Health Plan updates that are currently in development and under review. This section includes, when applicable, a record of public comments as well as the resulting staff summary, analysis, and recommendations.
  • A link to contact MHCC staff for those seeking documents not posted on this page which can provide an historic record of the development path of selected plan chapters and regulations, as well as other related information.

State Health Plan (Certificate of Need - regulated services)

      10.24.07: State Health Plan: an Overview; Psychiatric Services; Emergency Medical Services

      10.24.08: State Health Plan for Facilities and Services: Special Hospitals - Chronic Services


Last Updated: 6/15/2020