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Guidance from the MHCC - Covid  19 Response

Final Maryland All-Payer Model Agreement

Maryland All-Payer Model Agreement 

Hospital Quality and Performance

Maryland Health Care Quality Reports 

Hospital Service Inventory

Acute Inpatient Services

General Hospital Services

Medical/Surgical Services

Pediatric Services

Perinatal Services

COMAR 10.24.12

COMAR 10.24.18

Acute Psychiatric Services

General Surgical Services

Emergency Department Services

Inpatient Rehabilitation Services

Special Hospital Services

Acute Rehabilitation Services

Organ Transplantation Services 


Chronic Hospital Services 

COMAR 10.24.08 State Health Plan for Facilities and Services: Special Hospitals - Chronic Services

Pediatric Hospital Services

Geriatric Hospital Services


Last Updated: 12/20/2023