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Electronic Health Information Exchange
Secure Access to Your Electronic Health Information

What is Electronic Health Information Exchange?

Hospitals and other health care providers (providers) use technology to record and share patient health information (e.g., test results, allergies, and medications) with other treating providers. Electronic health information exchange helps improve communication among treating providers and enables them to make well-informed decisions about your health. Health information exchange (HIE) organizations provide the electronic network that allows treating providers to securely share patient health information with authorized users.

How it Works

Getting the Most from Electronic Health Information Exchange

Sharing health information takes more time when using traditional methods like fax or mail. With electronic health information exchange, your health information can be securely accessed by your care team when and where care is needed. In some instances, access to this vital information can be lifesaving.

A consumer’s decision to block access to their electronic health information by treating providers should not be made without understanding the potential patient safety risks associated with a partial health record. To learn more about opting out, contact your treating provider(s) to identify the HIE organization(s) used by the practice or facility for electronic health information exchange. If you previously opted out and would like your electronic health information to be made available to your health care provider(s), you can opt back in by contacting the HIE organization.

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Last Updated: 2/4/2022