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MCDB Data Release

The Maryland Health Care Commission (MHCC) collects privately insured data (claims and membership), known as the Medical Care Data Base (MCDB), on a quarterly basis from life and health insurance carriers, health maintenance organizations (HMOs), third-party administrators (TPAs), and pharmacy benefits managers (PBMs), who are licensed to do business in Maryland. The MCDB also includes Medicaid and Medicare. The MCDB is Maryland’s All Payer Claims Database; MCDB maintenance is governed by COMAR 10.25.06 and the MCDB data release is governed by COMAR 10.25.05. 

The process for applying for and acquiring MCDB data is provided below. The Standard Analytic File (SAF) which is available for release contains eligibility and professional, institutional, and pharmacy claims. Starting in 2015, the Medical Care Data Base (MCDB) excludes private plan data for self-insured ERISA due to the Gobeille v. Liberty Mutual supreme court ruling. The SAF contains only privately fully-insured and self-insured non-ERISA health insurance plans for Maryland and Non-Maryland residents. The MCDB comprises of about 90-95% of the privately fully insured market and just about 25% - 30% of the self-insured market and 0% of the Federal Employee Program (post-Gobeille, primarily non-ERISA)

Currently, data files for 2010-2022 are available.

Applications for access to Medicaid Managed Care data for studies comparing the privately insured to Medicaid Managed Care patients can be submitted but require separate approval from the Maryland Medicaid Administration. The fields available on the Medicaid MCO data sets have been aligned with MCDB fields to the extent possible.

The data dictionary for the Standard Analytic File for all years can be viewed/downloaded here.  


The fees for MCDB data and related applications, effective June 18, 2022, are as follows:

Application Fee
An applicant requesting MCDB data must pay a non-refundable application fee of $200.00 with the completed application.

Support/Production Fees
Additional fees associated with the preparation of a custom data set may be applied by MHCC.

MCDB Data Fees
Governmental Entities, Non-Profit/Academic Organizations: $3000/data file/year For-Profit Organizations: $5000/data file/year.

MCDB Data Reuse Fees
Governmental Entities, Non-Profit/Academic Organizations: $1000/data file/year For-Profit Organizations: $2000/data file/year.

Available data files: Member Eligibility, Professional Services Claims, Institutional Services Claims, and Pharmacy Claims

Per Year Fees based on the purchase of all data files:

Governmental Entities
Non-Profit/Academic Applicants
For-Profit/All Other Applicants
Year Tier Fee1 All data files All data files
1 Tier One 100% $12,000 $20,000
2 Tier One 100% $12,000 $20,000
3 Tier Two 75% $9,000 $15,000
4 Tier Two 75% $9,000 $15,000
5+ Tier Three 50% $6,000 $10,000

Please use the MCDB Data Fees Calculator to get an estimate of the cost of data you are requesting.

Fee Waivers
In accordance with COMAR, applicants may qualify for a full or partial fee waiver.

Data Request Instructions

Data Request Instructions for Governmental Applicants

Data Request Instructions for Nongovernmental Applicants

Current Application

Applicant Project Title Fees Status
Hadi Kharrazi, Center for Population Health IT, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Advancing Maryland's Statewide Suicide Data Warehouse to Improve Individual and Population-level Mortality Prediction and Prevention Application Fee $200
Data Fee $96,000
Request: Approved Data
Fee: paid.
Data release: In progress
Sara Gross, JD, Baltimore City Law Department Assessing the Extent of Opioid Epidemic in Baltimore City Application Fee $200
Data Fee $162,000
Request: Approved.
Data Fee: Paid.

1A discounted fee only applies to applicants purchasing all data files for multiple consecutive years.

Last Updated: 3/11/2024