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The MHCC hosts virtual educational webinars for health care professionals on a variety of telehealth topics, including compliance and reimbursement, consumer engagement, and school-based telehealth, among others. The webinars provide peer-to-peer learning opportunities are available on-demand and feature presentations by telehealth adopters and industry experts.

Virtual Services Provided by School Nurses:  Leveraging Technology to Meet Student Needs During COVID-19 and Beyond (January 2021)

Two nurses in Baltimore County Public Schools provide tips and resources for school nurses to engage with students and their families in a virtual environment during the COVID-19 public health emergency.  More information about the webinar is available here. Click here for a copy of the slides; click here to listen to the webinar on-demand.

Using Telehealth in School Health Services Webinar Series (November 2019)

A three-part webinar series features local and national leaders in school-based telehealth.  Presentations provide information on how telehealth can be leveraged in school health services and key policy considerations for program development.  Links to each of the three sessions are included below:  

Session 1:  Workflows for Telehealth in School Health Services Starts with the Nurse

Session 2:  Augmenting Delivery of School Health Services Using Telehealth

Session 3:  Understanding Strategies for Success:  Lessons Learned from a Local Telehealth Initiative

Remote Patient Monitoring:  Medicaid New Rules & Pediatric Asthma Project (May 2018)

Maryland Medicaid provides an overview of coverage for remote patient monitoring (RPM). Johns Hopkins Pediatrics at Home overviewed how they use RPM for self-management of asthma among pediatric patients. Click here for a copy of the slides; click here to listen to the webinar on-demand.

Enhancing Patient Involvement in Telehealth:  Readiness, Engagement, and Adherence (October 2018)

Gilchrist Greater Living discusses their approach to select and engage seniors for their in-home telehealth monitoring program. The University of Maryland School of Medicine, the Maryland Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), and the Center for Health Information & Decision Systems at the University of Maryland highlighted results from their Diabetes Management Program with participants from the Maryland VA using mobile devices for patient self-management. Click here for a copy of the slides; click here to listen to the webinar on-demand. 


Last Updated: 1/27/2021