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MHCC Certified Electronic Health Networks

Organizational Logo Organizational Name
  Ability Network Inc.
  ACS EDI Gateway, Inc., a Xerox Company
  Allscripts Healthcare, LLC
  Availity, LLC
  Carestream Dental LLC
  Cerner Corporation
   Change Healthcare
  Cyfluent, Inc.
  EDI Health Group, Inc.
  eSolutions, Inc.
  Experian Health
  Eyefinity, Inc.
  Inmediata Corp.
  InstaMed Communications, LLC
  NantHealth, Inc.
  nThrive, Inc.
  Office Ally, LLC
  Optum 360 Formerly CareMedic
  PNC Bank, NA
   PNT Data Corp.
  QS/1 Data Systems
  Smart Data Solutions, LLC
   The SSI Group, LLC
  Tesia Clearinghouse, LLC
   Transunion Healthcare, LLC
   TriZetto Provider Solutions, LLC
 1.. National accreditation/certification organizations currently recognized by MHCC include: The Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission (EHNAC) and The Health Information Trust Alliance (HITRUST). The EHNAC site visit report must be provided if an EHN chooses EHNAC accreditation; the MHCC may request additional EHNAC appendices and supporting documentation related to deficiencies identified in the report. The MHCC may require that EHNs use an alternate organization to meet the regulatory requirements.

Last Updated: 9/14/2021