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Networks initiate the certification or recertification process by submitting to MHCC the electronic health network (EHN) application and supporting documents. To apply for certification or recertification, an EHN must complete the MHCC EHN Certification or Recertification Application, submit the application fee, provide evidence that the network is nationally accredited or certified, and include documentation noted in the application. The MHCC may request additional information to complete its evaluation of an EHN’s application. The MHCC EHN certification is valid for two years. Click here to download the MHCC EHN Certification/Recertification Application. More information on the steps for certification or recertification are provided below.

How to Certify or Recertify

  1. Complete the application and submit your responses to MHCC by email at:
  2. Provide supporting documentation of certification or accreditation by a national accreditation/certification organization. Certification or accreditation must come from an organization currently recognized by MHCC1. The EHN must submit documents that show the network complies with established standards related to privacy and confidentiality, business practices, physical and human resources, technical performance, and security.

    Initial Certification - New applicants are considered to be in Candidacy Status after MHCC receives their application. Newly certifying EHNs have up to one year to achieve accreditation or certification from a national accreditation organization currently recognized by MHCC, and to submit requested assessment documentation evaluated by the accreditation or certification entity.
  3. Documentation must be submitted as follows:
    • Email the documents to Multiple emails up to 15 MB may be sent as needed; or
    • Provide MHCC with account/access to the network’s SFTP site. Please contact MHCC by email at to provide account access; or
    • Another means as proposed by the network.
  4. Submit appropriate application fees to complete the certification/recertification process. The MHCC will issue an invoice to the EHN for the application fees upon receipt of the application.  

    Application Fee
    Number of Operating Sites
    Initial Certification Fees
    Recertification Fees
    EHN with One Operating Site 
    EHN with Multiple Operating Sites
    $400 + $250 for each additional site
    $250 + $125 for each additional site

     All Checks should be made out to the Maryland Health Care Commission and submitted to:
    Richard Proctor, Chief Operating Officer
    Maryland Health Care Commission
     4160 Patterson Avenue
     Baltimore, MD 21215  
  6. First time applicants should submit a copy of the network’s current logo in JPEG format. For recertification applicants, if your logo has changed since the last certification cycle, please provide MHCC with your new logo in JPEG format.

    Networks will be notified in writing of the determination of their application in approximately 14 days of submitting a completed application. EHNs may request an extension from MHCC for unforeseen challenges related to the application renewal by submitting an email request at least 15 days prior to the application due date. Extension requests must include reasons for the extension and a proposed submission date. The MHCC will review extension requests and will respond to the EHN by email.

MHCC Certified EHNs

Organizational Logo Organizational Name
  Ability Network Inc.
  Allscripts Healthcare LLC
  Availity, LLC
  Carestream Dental LLC
  Cerner Corporation
   Change Healthcare
  Cyfluent, Inc.
  EDI Health Group, Inc.
  Experian Health
  Eyefinity, Inc.
  Inmediata Health Group, LLC
  InstaMed Communications, LLC
  NantHealth, Inc.
  Office Ally, LLC
  Optum 360 Formerly CareMedic
  PNC Bank, NA
   PNT Data
  QS/1 Data Systems
  Smart Data Solutions, LLC
   The SSI Group, LLC
  Tesia Clearinghouse, LLC
   Transunion Healthcare, LLC
   TriZetto Provider Solutions, LLC

1.National accreditation/certification organizations currently recognized by MHCC include: The Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission (EHNAC) and The Health Information Trust Alliance (HITRUST). The EHNAC site visit report must be provided if an EHN chooses EHNAC accreditation; the MHCC may request additional EHNAC appendices and supporting documentation related to deficiencies identified in the report. The MHCC may require that EHNs use an alternate organization to meet the regulatory requirements.  

Last Updated: 5/3/2022