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Demonstration Project: Advancing Practice Transformation in Ambulatory Practices

In June 2021, MHCC competitively awarded MedChi Care Transformation Organization (MedChi CTO) a grant to engage up to 50 Maryland-based ambulatory practices (practices) to complete select practice transformation milestones (milestones). The milestones include assessing practice readiness for transformation, redesigning workflows, and guiding practices through the completion of the Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative (TCPI) Seven Support Change Package Modules (modules). The TCPI modules provide practices with techniques that once implemented can help improve patient health outcomes.  

Information about the TCPI modules is available here and information about the grant here.  

Practice transformation (transformation) is a continuous process in practices to advance quality improvement and patient-centered care (See 1 in Related Articles). Transformation helps practices adapt to an evolving reimbursement environment focused on value (See 2 in Related Articles). Approximately 24 CTOs participate in the Maryland Primary Care Program (MDPCP). CTOs manage an interdisciplinary care management team that provide MDPCP participants with an array of care coordination services. More information about the MDPCP is available here.

Direct questions about the grant initiative to Melanie Cavaliere at

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Overview Presentation – Advancing Practice Transformation in Ambulatory Practices

Background on the grant opportunity, program objectives, and transformation milestones.


Program resources to prepare practices for participation in alternative care delivery models, including the TCPI Seven Support Change Package Modules.

TCPI Change Package

Outlines tangible steps to guide transformation efforts and meet the program’s training milestone goals.

Support and Alignment Network (SAN) Power Packs

Illustrates specific pathways to resolve challenges that practices may encounter in the process of transforming during the program.

Last Updated: 9/10/2021