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Electronic Health Record Resource Guide


The Maryland Health Care Commission (MHCC) conducted an environmental scan (scan) in the fall of 2014 to assess the adoption of electronic health records (EHRs) among all 24 local health departments (LHDs) in the State. In general, findings from the scan revealed that while many LHDs have implemented EHRs in recent years, challenges exist around their ability to find a single EHR solution that meets all of their needs as well as the limited availability of technical resources for the implementation and maintenance of EHR systems. (For more information on the scan findings, click here.) The MHCC convened meetings with LHDs, starting in May 2015, to discuss opportunities to increase LHDs adoption and meaningful use of EHRs. LHDs agreed that enhancing communication on matters of health information technology (health IT) would be valuable. In coordination with LHDs, MHCC developed the LHD EHR Resource Guide (guide) and a lunch and learn webinar series to help facilitate peer-to-peer learning across LHDs.

About the Guide

The guide serves as a centralized source of information related to LHDs use of EHRs to support specific programs, such as behavioral health or dental, as well as other administrative functions including scheduling and billing. Information was self-reported by LHDs and details their use of EHR functionalities; ratings on EHR usability, implementation, and training; and the approximate cost for the implementation and maintenance of EHR system(s). Information on cost is an approximation and specific to the size and extent of EHR use for each LHD.

At a Glance

While nearly all LHDs have implemented an EHR, adoption remains fairly new with roughly 65 percent implementing an EHR between 2013 and 2015.

 Note: Caroline County plans to implement an EHR in 2016. 

Below is a snapshot of the EHRs in use by LHDs as of January 2016. Some LHDs use more than one EHR to support multiple care delivery systems (e.g. behavioral health, dental, practice management, etc.). Click here for more detailed information on use of these EHRs by LHD.


LHDs Using

 PatTrac  13
 Patagonia  5
 Netsmart  4
 Patterson  3
 NextGen  2
 Celerity  2
 Soft Dent/Amazing Charts  2
 Careclix  1
 M & M  1
 WebChart  1
 Athena  1
 Cyfluent  1
 Evolv  1
 Kareo  1
 Dentrix  1
 AllScripts  1


EHR vendors offer a variety of functions that can be part of an EHR system (e.g. clinical decision support, computerized physician order entry, secure messaging, treatment plans, etc.). LHDs reported on their use of certain EHR functionalities. Click here for detailed information on the EHR functionalities being used by LHDs.


LHDs rated EHR vendors on implementation, training, and usability of specific functionalities. Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 point scale where 1=poor, 2=fair, 3=good, 4=very good, and 5=excellent. Click here for detailed information on LHD EHR ratings.

Estimated Costs, Average Implementation Timeframes, and Training

LHDs provided information on the estimated costs to implement EHRs. Click here for information on cost as well as average timeframes for EHR implementation and training offered by EHR vendors. Information on cost is an approximation and specific to the size and extent of use for each LHD. LHDs are encouraged to contact EHR vendors for information on the estimated cost of implementing an EHR.  

LHD Contacts

Click here for LHD contact information if you have questions regarding the EHR system(s) in use.

Guide Updates

If at any time, a LHD would like to update the status of its use of EHRs , please fill out the EHR pricing and functionality spreadsheet and submit it to

Last Updated: 12/12/2016