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An electronic health network (EHN or network) exchanges electronic health care transactions between other electronic health networks, payors, providers, vendors, or entities. A medical care electronic claims clearinghouse is a firm that transmits electronic health care transactions and includes EHNs.  COMAR 10.25.07, Certification of Electronic Health Networks and Medical Care Electronic Claims Clearinghouses, requires third party payors that accept electronic health care transactions originating in Maryland to accept electronic health care transactions only from MHCC certified EHNs.

To receive MHCC certification or recertification, an EHN must be accredited or certified by a nationally recognized organization where standards are evaluated related to privacy and confidentiality, business practices, physical and human resources, technical performance, and security. The Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission (EHNAC) is the only accreditation organization currently recognized by MHCC. The EHN must complete an MHCC EHN Certification or Recertification Application, submit the application fee, and provide evidence that the network is accredited to obtain MHCC certification. For more information about EHNAC, please visit the EHNAC Website.

The MHCC will review the certification application documents and if the documentation is incomplete or if clarification is needed, MHCC will notify EHNs in writing. The MHCC EHN certification is valid for two years. During the reaccreditation cycle, MHCC reviews the most recent evaluation by EHNAC, which includes a site visit, and considers the EHN’s progress in achieving and maintaining their overall site visit evaluation score. The MHCC may seek additional information from EHNs to complete the evaluation process.

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Last Updated: 8/15/2016