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An electronic health network (EHN, network, or medical care electronic claims clearinghouse) exchanges electronic health care transactions between payors and providers. COMAR 10.25.07, Certification of Electronic Health Networks and Medical Care Electronic Claims Clearinghouses, requires third party payors that accept electronic health care transactions originating in Maryland to accept electronic health care transactions only from MHCC certified EHNs.

To receive MHCC certification or recertification, a network must be accredited or certified by a nationally recognized organization where standards are evaluated related to privacy and confidentiality, business practices, physical and human resources, technical performance, and security. To apply for certification, an EHN must complete the MHCC EHN Certification or Recertification Application, submit the application fee, provide evidence that the network is nationally accredited, and include the assessment documentation used in the accreditation or certification process. The MHCC may request additional information to complete its evaluation of an EHN’s application. The MHCC EHN certification is valid for two years.


Electronic Health Networks Provider Overview

The above flyer includes a comprehensive overview of: 1) what an EHN is and does, 2) the value and benefits of EHNs, 3) what questions to ask Practice Management systems regarding EHN services, and 4) how MHCC certification benefits the provider community.

Assessment of Cybersecurity Readiness Assessment: A Best Practices Review

The MHCC has developed the Assessment of Cybersecurity Readiness Assessment that EHN might use to help prepare for national accreditation and to better understand the cybersecurity best practices being followed by the EHN. This document is intended to provide guidance to EHNs as they continue to develop and improve their cybersecurity plans.

MHCC Certified EHNs

Certification Process

MHCC EHN Certification and Recertification

Last Updated: 4/14/2017