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State Designated Management Service Organizations 

A 2009 Maryland law requires the Maryland Health Care Commission (MHCC) to designate one or more Management Service Organizations (MSOs). In 2010, MHCC implemented an MSO State-Designation program to recognize entities that demonstrate they have met specific criteria around business operations and privacy and security. MSOs are required to expand electronic health record (EHR) adoption among Maryland office-based physicians. When the law was enacted, EHR adoption among office-based physicians was less than 30 percent. MSOs provide technical assistance to practices in EHR adoption and use of health information technology (health IT).

At present, EHR adoption among office-based physicians is nearly 71 percent. MSOs continue to provide valuable resources to practices in adopting an EHR. In addition, MSOs are well-positioned to help practices achieve optimal use of health IT. Practices—especially those not affiliated with a hospital, in rural or underserved areas, and small practices—continue to require technical support and guidance to transform their practice. MSO State-Designation provides assurance to practices that they are doing business with an organization that can help them maximize the use of technology and provide assistance in achieving practice transformation, which is essential to participating in new models of care delivery. 

State Designated management service organizations (MSOs) provide health IT and practice transformation support through the use of an evidence-based sequential model. MSOs support practices in meeting the goals and objectives of an all-payor, population-based, hospital payment model aimed at reducing health care spending and improving quality of care for patients. In order to achieve practice transformation, ambulatory practices must make office system changes, use their own data to drive decision making, improve clinical quality measures, and strive to continuously improve clinical, health IT, and business and organizational aspects of their practice. MSOs provide resources, services, and support to assist practices in achieving practice transformation objectives, including: developing a quality improvement strategy; accessing quality reports; continuous and team-based healing relationships; organized, evidence-based care; and care coordination.

Organizations seeking voluntary State Designation must complete and submit the MSO State Designation Application.

List of State Designated MSOs

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Any organization seeking more information on becoming a State Designated MSO, please contact:  Melanie Cavaliere, 410-764-3282 or


Last Updated: 5/14/2018