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Maryland Health Care Commission Costs, Utilization, and Resources Transparency Initiative

Public reporting of health care cost, utilization, and quality is a central mission of the Maryland Health Care Commission (MHCC). MHCC's Maryland Health Care Quality Reports site reports this information on hospitals, long-term care facilities, and insurance companies. In a complementary effort, this transparency initiative leverages MHCC's health care data resources to provide public interactive access to health care costs and utilization through data displays and dashboards. This website is intended for health policy and health care industry audiences. Each tab displays health care provider and procedure level prices, geographic distribution of care and availability of services.

Cost and Utilization: shows Calendar Year 2014 Unit Cost, Utilization and Per Member Per Month trend metrics for the Private Fully-Insured for whom health insurance contracts are written in Maryland.

Geographic Variation: shows Calendar Year 2014 Cost and Utilization metrics at the zip code level for Private Fully-Insured Maryland residents aged 0-64. This is similar to work done by CMS:

To see geographic variation for Medicare chronic conditions at the State level click here: State: Medicare Chronic Conditions Dashboard

To see geographic variation for Medicare chronic conditions at the County level click here: County: Medicare Chronic Conditions Dashboard

Physician Profile Dashboard: shows characteristics of Maryland licensed physicians who provided care to Maryland residents. The analysis is based on the Maryland Board of Physicians License Renewal Database for 2013-2014. Displays show geographic physician supply, physician demography, working hours, specialties, health care setting, patient characteristics, and electronic medical record use.

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