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Electronic Health Records - An Update on Adoption and Incentives Paid by State-Regulated Payors (2018)

The MHCC analyzed payor submitted data on EHR incentive payments made to primary care practices.  Data from the Maryland Board of Physicians was used to assess EHR adoption.  This information brief provides details on the total incentives disbursed by payors and the growth in EHR adoption among primary care physicians.

Electronic Health Records: Incentives and Program Progress (August 2015)

The Maryland General Assembly passed a law in 2009 that requires certain State-regulated payors (payors) to offer incentives for providers to adopt electronic health records. The MHCC worked with the six largest payors and provider representatives in the State to establish an incentive program, which requires payors to provide incentives to primary care practices (family, general, geriatric, internal medicine, pediatric, or gynecologic practices), including nurse practitioner-led practices. This information brief provides an update on the impact of the State incentive program and the initiatives aimed at encouraging program participation among eligible practices.

Electronic Health Records: State Incentive and Usability Across Hospital Settings (2013)

At the request of leadership fromt the General Assembly's Maryland House Health & Government (HGO) Committee, theh Maryland Health Care Commission (MHCC) evaluated the State-regulated Payer EHR Adoption Incentive Program (State incentive program) to determine if changes are necessary to ensure that the intent of the law is met.  In collaboration witht he State incentive program workgroup (workgroup), this report includes the recommended program enhancements.  The MHC was also asked by the HGO Committee leadership to explore provider challenges involving the usability of EHR systems across hospital settings and provide recommendations contained in this report that mitigate these challenges.

House Bill 736: Electronic Health Records - Incentives for Health Care Providers - Regulations (2013)

House Bill 736, Electronic Health Records - Incentives for Health Care Providers - Regulations, amended the law, Md., Code ann., Health-Gen. § 19-143 requireing Maryland payers to pay cash incentives to certain providers for the adoption and use of EHRs.  The amendments also require MHCC to study and submit recommendations to the Senate Finance Committee and the House Health and Governemnt Operations Committee as to whether the scope of health care providers that may receive the incentives from payers should be expanded beyond primary care practices. 

House Bill 706:  Electronic Health Records - Regulations and Reimbursement (2012)

The Maryland General Assembly passed House Bill 706, Electronic Health Records - Regulation and Reimbursement, (HB 706) during the 2009 legislative session with the purpose of advancing health IT adoption and use among Maryalnd providers.  The law requires MHCC to report to the Governor and General Assembly periodically on implementation of the law.

Physician Adoption of Electronic Health Records (2017)

The MHCC conducted an assessment of EHR adoption among practicing physicians in the State. The brief highlights growth in EHR adoption since 2011 by specialty, geography and practice ownership type. 


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