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The Maryland Health Care Commission (MHCC) is responsible reporting on a variety of health care data to inform decision-making by policy makers, payors, providers, and consumers. Maryland Health General Article §19-133(g) requires MHCC to report annually on the level of payments to physicians and other health care practitioners and on the utilization patterns of health care services. In addition, MHCC performs ad-hoc analyses at its discretion and in response to requests from the Maryland General Assembly (MGA) and other State Agency partners. MHCC leverages its Maryland Medical Care Data Base (MCDB), state and federal databases and surveys, and other data resources, as needed, to inform its analyses and reports.

Maryland Health Care Expenditures

Statewide Healthcare Spending

MHCC reports on statewide healthcare spending based on expenditure estimates from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) National Health Expenditure Data for States. These report include total expenditure, per capita expenditure, shares of income devoted to healthcare, and breakdown by type of service and payor source. Please follow these links for selected annual reports: 2010 (report, presentation, press-release); 2012, 2013, 2014.

Commercially Insured Spending

MHCC reports on health care spending for the commercially insured population based on data from the MCDB. These reports include total and out-of-pocket expenditure, per capita expenditure, and comparisons by market, and type of service. In addition to providing these standard data, each report focuses on timely policy issues.

Spotlight on Maryland: The evolving landscape of Health Care Reform and Health Care Spending in Maryland (December 2013)

Health Care Spending in Maryland Prior to Implementation of the Health Benefit Exchange (May 2013)

Health Care Spending in Maryland's Individual and Small Group Markets (October 2011)

Payments for Professional Services

MHCC reports on trends in the service volume and level of payments for health care services provided by physicians and other professionals to privately insured, nonelderly residents of Maryland. These reports are based on health care claims and encounter data that most health insurance plans serving Maryland residents submit annually to the MHCC as part of the MCDB. Please follow links for selected annual reports: 2009 (report, presentation); 2013; 2014.

Ad hoc Reports

MHCC conducts a variety of policy analyses and develops reports and presentations at the request of the MGA, other State Agencies, and to supports its programs.  

Impact of Assignment of Benefits Legislation – Baseline Analysis (November 2012)

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