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Maryland Health Care Commission

Consumer Guide to Long Term Care

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Understanding Long-Term Care

Long Term Care (LTC) refers to services that assist people who are aging, have disabilities, or have chronic care needs to maintain their independence in personal or health-related activities. Services can include activities such as shopping, taking medications, managing money, doing activities outside the home, and assistance with personal care such as bathing, dressing, and toileting. Services can be provided in a person's home, in the community, in alternate living facilities (assisted living, congregate housing or nursing homes). While most people who need LTC are 65 or older, a person can use LTC services at any age. An individual may use long term care services for a short period of time after an acute illness or hospitalization or over several months or years.

Many people prefer to receive LTC services in their home or community rather than an institution like a nursing home. You can use this web site to find LTC services in Maryland. The materials included on this site can be used by individuals planning for future needs or an immediate need for themselves or a loved one such as a parent, other relative or friend.

Services Search

Use Services Search to locate LTC Providers and obtain detailed information on:

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