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Maryland Health Care Commission

Consumer Guide to Long Term Care

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Living at Home

Living in your home either alone or with family offers the benefits of familiar surroundings and proximity to family, friends and neighbors. However, staying in your home may require some modifications to your home or other outside assistance such as help with housekeeping chores and meal preparation or assistance with activities of daily living (ADL’s) such as bathing and dressing.

  • Home Safety and Making Improvements to Your Home have links to checklists for home safety and a list of companies that specialize in home improvements to make a home safer and easier to live in for people who need assistance with mobility (for example, using a wheelchair or walker).
  • Home-Based Care has information about agencies that provide a variety of activities such as nursing care, rehabilitation services (for example, physical therapy), assistance with activities of daily living (ADL's), assistance with housekeeping, chores and meal preparation, or assistance with activities to maintain health such as taking medications.
  • Meals lists sources for Home Delivered Meals and Congregate Meals. Congregate meals are served in community settings such as Senior Centers or Senior Housing.
  • Adult Day Care and Senior Centers are programs offered outside the home in local communities.
  • Resources for Caregivers describes the services available to family, friends, and neighbors who are caregivers or helpers for seniors or persons with disabilities
  • Technology Assistance describes both ordinary and high tech items that help people with disabilities to live, work, or get around independently. The most commonly used technology falls into three major categories: vision, hearing, or mobility.
  • Transportation Assistance lists transportation resources to help you get to medical appointments, shop for food or other necessities, or go to social activities.

Services Search

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