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Consumer Guide to Long Term Care

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Hospice is designed to provide supportive care to persons diagnosed with a terminal illness. Hospice services focus on comfort, quality of life, and dignity by addressing an individual's emotional, social and spiritual needs as well as medical symptoms like pain management. Support is provided to the patient's loved ones as well.

Most hospice care in the United States is provided in the home, wherever "home" may be (for example, one's own home, an assisted living residence, or a nursing home). Hospice care is also provided in hospitals or in dedicated hospice facilities.

The Hospice Search feature provides a listing of hospices in Maryland by the county where each hospice provides services, and a list of the services each has available. To find a hospice that can provide the services you or your family are seeking, go to: Hospice search.

The Office of the Attorney General of Maryland develops resources for individuals and health care professionals concerning Maryland's Health Care Decisions Act. For legal opinions and advice on end-of-life and other issues visit the Health Decisions Policy website at:

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