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Consumer Guide to Long Term Care

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Assisted Living

Assisted living residences provide a home and support services to meet the needs of residents who are unable to perform, or who need help in performing, activities of daily living. Assisted living residences may provide assistance with meal preparation, household chores, managing medications, and dressing or bathing. People who live in assisted living residences generally have less complicated health and assistance needs than people in nursing homes. This housing option enables seniors to remain in a home-like setting in their communities and promotes their independence and dignity.

Not all assisted living residences are the same, and different residents will have different needs. Facilities may range from a small home with one resident to larger facilities with 100 or more living units. Selecting an assisted living residence that fits your needs is an important and personal decision.

The Assisted Living Services Search provides useful information to help you choose an assisted living facility that is right for you or someone you care about. The search includes the 350 assisted living residences in Maryland with 10 or more beds. You can find contact information, rates charged for accommodations services available and the results of the inspections of each residence (survey reports) done by the state Office of Health Care Quality OHCQ).

Each Assisted Living residence is required to complete a Uniform Disclosure form describing its services and policies. Fee structures for assisted living vary, with some facilities charging a single fee based on the resident level of care while others provide an “a la carte” menu of services. It is important to understand what is included in the base monthly rate, what services require an additional charge, and circumstances under which fees may increase. The Uniform Disclosure Form includes fee information and is required to be filed with the Office of Health Care Quality as part of an application for licensure. The Uniform Disclosure Form must be made available upon request or be part of the Assisted Living marketing materials.

If you prefer an assisted living residence that is smaller than 10 beds, the Office of Health Care Quality maintains a directory with all assisted living residences in Maryland. The directory is organized by county. It provides name, address, phone, contact name and number of beds for each currently licensed residence. To view or download this list, go to the link that follows: :

The cost of assisted living residence is usually paid for out of private funds; however there is a Maryland program called the Senior Assisted Group Home Subsidy Program which provides State funds for eligible residents who are unable to afford the cost of assisted living and might otherwise be in nursing homes. The subsidy supports the cost of services provided in assisted living residences. In order to use this program you must have low or moderate income and meet other eligibility requirements. Contact the Maryland Department of Aging office in your location to learn more about this program. The list of area offices is available here:

The website for the Senior Assisted Group Home Subsidy program is:

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