Employer Overview

Employers are often at the cutting edge of health care advances, because employers know that healthy employees translate to increased productivity in the work place.  While the upfront costs for health care coverage can be significant for some employers, looking at the long term results from a healthy workforce demonstrates that offering quality health care options to employees is a worthwhile investment.  

Incentives for Self-Insured Employers who Participate in the Program

Self-insured employers who decide to participate in PCMH programs will receive both short-term and long-term benefits.

  • Short Term:  Self-insured employers may reduce their health care expenses.  An employer may see reductions in costs through lower claims costs across enrollees participating in PCMH relative to the employer’s historical spending trend for those same enrollees.
  • Long Term:  Self-insured employers and the health care delivery system should receive more cost-effective and efficient health care.  With over 16 percent of gross domestic product spent on health care, American businesses self-insured employers and fully-insured employers face high health care costs, which can pose a challenge to their competitiveness with businesses in other industrialized nations.  Through improved incentives for primary care, MHCC hopes that Maryland can take a step towards enhancing health care quality, reducing health care costs over time, and advancing the competitive edge of Maryland businesses.

PCMH model for Maryland Employers

  • A strong emphasis on primary care services;
  • Focus on lowering the costs of care; and
  • Improving the health of their workforce through:
    • Expanded access to primary care clinicians,
    • Reduced health care disparities, and
    • Better coordination of care.

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