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When you own a small business your employees are like family.

And like family, you want them to be able to get the health care they need when they need it.

Unfortunately, escalating health care costs have made health coverage a benefit few small businesses can afford to provide to their employees.

Now there's help!

Maryland's new

  • provide an incentive for employers with 2-9 employees to offer health insurance for their employees;
  • assist low and moderate income employees of these small employers in obtaining health insurance; and
  • promote access to health care services and reward participating individuals for efforts to improve their health and/or manage chronic disease.

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For thousands of working Marylanders, affordable health care has been out of reach for far too long. It's a crisis seen across the country and is especially pronounced in small businesses. Escalating health costs can suppress wages, reduce hiring, stall research and development efforts, and drive fledgling businesses into bankruptcy. Maryland can and will do better.

This Partnership among small businesses and the State will make a real difference in the lives of many working Marylanders by reducing the cost of health insurance for thousands of Maryland families.

By allowing people to buy into health coverage at a level they can afford, we’re making sure more Marylanders receive the coverage they deserve.

Martin O'Malley,

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Meeting for
Small Business Owners
The MHCC recently partnered with business trade associations to host a series of meetings across the State to provide information about the Health Insurance Partnership to small business owners that may be eligible.

You may download the PowerPoint presentation that was presented at these meetings.
Presentation for Small Business Owners (ppt)

Presentation to Licensed Insurance Producers
You may download the PowerPoint presentation that was presented at the informational meetings on July 21 and July 23, 2008.

Click the link below. If you have PowerPoint, you will be prompted to either save the file or open the file and view it in your browser.

Role of Licensed Insurance Producers (ppt)

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