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During the 2009 legislative session, the Maryland General Assembly passed House Bill 706, Electronic Health Records - Regulation and Reimbursement (HB 706), which was signed into law on May 19th by Governor Martin O'Malley.  The law is aimed at expanding the adoption of electronic health records (EHRs) through financial incentives from state-regulated payers to providers that use certified EHRs capable of connecting to the state designated health information exchange.  The law also requires that the Maryland Health Care Commission (MHCC) designate management service organizations (MSOs).  The MHCC convened an MSO Advisory Panel (panel) originally in 2009 to assist in the development of the evaluation criteria for MSOs that seek State-designation. For more information about the 2009 panel click here.

The MHCC convened an MSO Advisory Panel to make recommendations of the criteria for MSOs that seek State-Designation and for enhancements to the State-Designation program.  Pease see below.

2014 Panel Objectives

After three years of operations, changes are being considered to the MSO State-Designation program (program) to ensure it continues to align with the legislative requirements of HB 706, as well as with federal and State health care reform initiatives. The MHCC has been working with the panel to assess enhancements to the program and to identify MSO requirements that are consistent with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Triple Aim — to improve the patient experience of care, improve health of populations, and lower health care costs.

Meeting Materials

Friday, January 31, 2014

  1. MSO Advisory Panel Slide Deck
  2. MSO State Designation Draft Requirements
  3. MSO Scoring Matrix

Past MSO Advisory Panel Meeting Materials

           Tuesday, October 22, 2013

MSO Resource Documents

MSOs - A Vision of State Designated Organizations for Physician Practices

House Bill 706:  Electronic Health Records - Regulation and Reimbursement 

MSO Program Overview

MSO Advisory Panel Archive

For more information on the Maryland Regional Extension, click here

Any organization seeking more information on becoming a State-Designated MSO, please contact Sarh Orth, 410.764.3449


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