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Consumer Guide to Long Term Care

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Maryland Access Point

Maryland Access Point provides a single point of entry for consumers seeking services within a county or city. As the name implies, this is a single point through which consumers in the state are able to access the care they need. A single point of entry generally provides one place for information and referral, one place to find out about services and one place to apply for services. Currently in Maryland only a few counties have established this service.

The counties with Maryland Access Point and their links are listed below. To find services in other counties you can go to the county government web site, also listed at the bottom of this screen.

Allegany County
Allegany County Human Resources Development Commission, Inc
Area Agency on Aging
Link to website:
Phone: (301) 783-1752
Address: 125 Virginia Avenue, Cumberland, MD 21502

Anne Arundel County
Link to web site:
Phone: (410) 222-4257 or (410) 222-6707 (North County)
Email: or

Howard County
Maryland Access Point of Howard County (MAP) provides Information and Assistance for adults over the age of 50, persons over the age of 18 with a disability, and family and caregivers who are looking for services to assist with remaining in the community and leading full lives. Information and assistance is available to individuals of all income levels in need of services to help them remain independent, or who want to plan for the future.

Online resource database:

Address: Office on Aging
6751 Columbia Gateway Drive
Columbia, MD 21046
Phone: 410-313-5980; Toll Free 1-844-MAP-LINK (1-844-627-5465)
Online resource database:

Montgomery County
Link to web site:
Phone: (240) 777-3000

Washington County Commission on Aging
Link to web site:
Phone: (301)790-0275
Address: 40 W. Franklin St., 4th Floor,
Hagerstown, MD 21740

Worcester County (Worcester County Health Department)
Link to web site:
4767 Snow Hill Road
Snow Hill, MD 21863
(410) 632-9915 x 170
(410) 632-9915 x170
Area Covered: Worcester County

Other Maryland County Web Sites
The link below will take you to a list of Maryland counties; you can reach any county web site as well as finding specific services in a county.

Maryland Access Point
The Maryland Access Point is a national initiative to create Aging and Disability Resource Centers as a single point of entry. To view the Maryland site, which is maintained by the Maryland Department of Aging, go to:

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