Maryland Ambulatory Surgery Facility Consumer Guide

Questions to Ask When Having Surgery in an Ambulatory Surgery Facility

Deciding to Have Surgery

The decision to have surgery is not always an easy one. You may have questions regarding the best type of surgery or treatment alternatives. Questions to Ask Your Doctor Before You Have Surgery is a guide developed by the Agency for Healthcare Quality and Research to help you make your decision. Go to to review this guide.

Ambulatory Surgery Facilities

After you have determined that you will have surgery, you and your surgeon will begin to consider the best location for performing the required surgery. This decision will be based on the difficulty of the procedure, the type of equipment required, and the type of staff that will be needed before, during, and after the surgery. Today, nearly six million surgeries and procedures that do not require an overnight stay in the hospital are performed in ambulatory surgery facilities. The following information will help you select a facility if you and your surgeon determine that your surgery should be performed in an ambulatory surgery facility.

Selecting the Right Ambulatory Surgery Facility

You should seek out a number of resources to help you make your decision about the right ambulatory surgery facility. The most important consideration in any choice is your individual situation. Each patient - young, elderly, ambulatory, or bedridden - has different needs, preferences and desires that should be taken into account in the selection of an appropriate ambulatory surgery facility.

The following questions can help you choose the best quality facility for the care you need. Whether or not a particular question applies to your situation and the emphasis you place on any questions is dependent upon your individual preferences. Some of the answers to these questions can be found by reviewing this guide. Please speak with your health care provider or an ambulatory surgery facility representative if you have questions or concerns.

Click here to download a checklist of questions (pdf)